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New Member

upgrade to v1.3 - VpxVum::Remediate failed


followed these steps to manally upgrade the VEMs host by host:

At the moment i hang on Step 4 after i initiate the command "vmware vem upgrade proceed"

In vCenter i see "A general system error occured: VpxVum::Remediate failed"

The VSM is on version 1.3 .....

I have stopped the secondary VSM.....

I have put one host in maintanance mode....

I have accepted the update in vCenter.....

before issued the "upgrade proceed" command I have stopped the VUM service....

Here is a show module:

Mod  Ports  Module-Type                      Model              Status
---  -----  -------------------------------- ------------------ ------------
1    0      Virtual Supervisor Module        Nexus1000V         active *
3    248    Virtual Ethernet Module          NA                 ok
4    248    Virtual Ethernet Module          NA                 ok

Mod  Sw               Hw     
---  ---------------  ------ 
1    4.0(4)SV1(3)     0.0   
3    4.0(4)SV1(2)     1.20  
4    4.0(4)SV1(2)     1.20

and a show

show vmware vem upgrade status

Upgrade VIBs: System VEM Image
Upgrade Status: Upgrade Errored in vCenter. Please check UpgradeError for more details.
Upgrade Notification Sent Time: Tue Oct 12 09:42:26 2010
Upgrade Status Time(vCenter): Tue Oct 12 11:53:52 2010
Upgrade Start Time: Tue Oct 12 09:44:50 2010
Upgrade End Time(vCenter): Tue Oct 12 11:55:09 2010
Upgrade Error:  [VMware vCenter Server 4.0.0 Build-208111] A general system error occured:: VpxVum::Remediate failed.
Upgrade Bundle ID:
    VSM: VEM400-201004101-BG
    DVS: VEM400-201004101-BG

vSphere build is: 4.0.0, 261974

What now?

New Member

Re: upgrade to v1.3 - VpxVum::Remediate failed

ok, with " --install --bundle C:\source\Nexus\ --server " it seems to work. One host ist updated.

Re: upgrade to v1.3 - VpxVum::Remediate failed


when I started the n1kv update, I was very surpriesed about how the update process runs without my control. How could I manipulate the update sequence which of my ESX Host will be the first, second, third aso? And how could I stop the update process if anything goes wrong?

So at this point, we have a very strong interaction between networks and servers because an update starts vMotion and a lot of action in the datacenter and I belive providing an update should be enough from the network side and accepting and running the update host by host should be part of the ESX Admins.



Cisco Employee

Re: upgrade to v1.3 - VpxVum::Remediate failed

If you want to maniuplate the update process you need to use the manual process over the automated. If you use the automated process we attempt to do the following. One host in each Cluster managed by the Nexus 1000V will be chosen for upgrade. This host will be put in maintenance mode, upgraded, removed from maintenance mode, and then move to the next host. I'm not sure how we choose the host in the cluster but in my setup where I use IP addresses as host names it uses the lowest number IP address first.

I can talk to engineering and see if it's possible, but we are constrained with what can be done based off the APIs that VMware makes available. Again if you want to control which ESX hosts are updated and when I would highly recommend using the manual method.


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