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New Member

urgent help

Dear All,

I am still New to the World of Cisco.

I received today 15 Cisco switches 3560 - 48 Ports & 1 Core switch 4506.

i know the basic configuration of 3560.

i want to create 3 VLANS of core Switch and each VALN will be for specific reaons.

So VLAN with this Name ( NETWORK-DEVICE) will be for Cisco Switches .

and it should have DHCP for this VLAN only.

Can any one tell me , how i deploy DHCP for that on the Core Switch . or it needs to deploy on the 3560 Switch.

Please Help.


Re: urgent help


The best bet here would be placing the DHCP services in the core switch and have all the other 15 switchess getting trunked to this switch.

You have mentioned about creating vlans in the core switch what about the same in your 3560 switches ?


New Member

Re: urgent help


Re: urgent help

I suggest configuring VLANs on the Core switch ( server VTP ). If they will be located on the same physical place .. Stack the switches so that it appears as one logical block and configure them as VTP clients. Connect the 3560 to the Core using trunks and perhaps Etherchannel. Configure IP helper on the vlan you need. In this way you VLAN management is centralised to the Core switch.

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