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Verifying Jumbo frame statistics in N5K

Hi I am running  4.2(1)N2(1a) on my N5K. I have a N5K connectd to N2K. PC connected to the N2K doing large packet ping. WHen i do a "show interface eth101/1/1" where the PC is connected. I can't see the jumbo frame statistics. WHen i do a "show interface eth1/1" (ports where N5K is connected to N2K), i can see jumbo frame statistics. Attached is the output. Just want to confirm if this is the correct behaviour. THanks Eng Wee

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Re: Verifying Jumbo frame statistics in N5K

Is the ping successful with a 9000 byte packet?

If you look the ports on the N5K with the FEX connected by issuing " sh queuing inter eth 1/1" or whatever interface your FEX is connected to you should see the actual harware MTU instead of the visual defect on the show interface command. I agree that this bug is REALLY annoying to work with.

sh queuing inter eth 1/1

Ethernet1/1 queuing information:

  TX Queuing

    qos-group  sched-type  oper-bandwidth

        0       WRR             50

        1       WRR             50

  RX Queuing

    qos-group 0

    q-size: 243200, HW MTU: 9280 (9216 configured)

    drop-type: drop, xon: 0, xoff: 1520

on the indivduidal fex port I have no idea as I don't have any hosts running jumbo MTU on the 1gig interfaces, but agree I don't see any easy way to see if the jumo counters are not incrementing.

Re: Verifying Jumbo frame statistics in N5K

look at :, I explain how to check MTU and the defect you mention on the show int.

Note that the ping with 9000 will not work if you ping from N5K. You need to make a ping test from an end host to another host and set the df bit for your ping.

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