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WS-X6716-10G-3C oversubscription details

I am planning to deploy a WS-X6716-10G-3C in a VSS pair. My VSL links are on other cards, so i don't need VSL links on this card. The card will be used for downlinks to server-farm access switches and i expect to use all 16 ports. I plan to run in oversubscription mode. Some questions:

1) I can decide to run in oversubscription or performance mode PER port-group ? Port-group 1-4 running in oversubscription and port-group 5-8 running in performance mode is possible ?

2) I understand that the bandwidth from one port-group (ie. ports 1-4) to the backplane is limited to 10GE.

3) If a server in port-group 1 (int 1) needs to talk to a server in port-group 2 (int 5), on the SAME slot (local VSS switching), it needs to traverse the backplane and bandwidth is shared and limited to 10GE between the port-groups ?

4) If that same server in port-group 1 (int 1) needs to talk to another server in port-group 1 (ie int 2), does it have dedicated 10GE bandwidth without affecting the other ports in the portgroup (int 3 and int 4) ? (or is bandwidth within a port-group also limited to 10GE shared ?)



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