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z/Series Connectivity with Cisco

In our organization, We have two 7204 Escon connected routers via CPA

to our existing CMOS machines. Over these connections we are running CSNA, DLSW+ and some TN3270 sessions. However, we are beside replacing these

CMOS machines with the new IBM z/Series family in addtion to upgrading our

netowrk infrastructor to IP and web enabling and accessing. So, as a part of

this upgrade we 're thinking in new or enhanced host connections. Is there any recommendations for upgrading/replacing the existing 7204 to support and enhance the connectivity to the new machine?. And, what are the benefits and advantages for using either 7500 or CIP over using 7200 or CPA if any..

Thanks a lot.

Mohamed Ibrahim

Network Administrator.

Ministry of Interior - Kuwait

Community Member

Re: z/Series Connectivity with Cisco

Hi Mohamed,

It depends on the vintage/version of the CPAs that you are currently using, and what other functions are performed on these routers. The newest CPAs (ECPA-4) perform very much like the current CIPs (CIP-2). They can be loaded with the same amount of memory, and actually have a faster processor. In most designs, the decision should be based on the capabilities of the routers, rather than on the adapter. The 7500s provide many high availability and distributed processing capabilities that are important in a core router. The 7200s provide a lower cost router for specific applications, and a modular approach to deployment.

Rgds, Dan

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