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ASR9K license problem and vpls performance

Hi all,

A9K-IVRF-LIC  Infrastructure VRF LC License. Support up to 8 VRFs

A9K-MOD80-AIP-TR  L3 VPN license for MOD80 Linecard, Transport Optimized

If i want use L3 MPLS VPN and L2 MPLS VPN. Do i need buy these two license?  Could somebody give some detail description about these two license?

And what's the vpls performance about line card on asr9k.  Such as A9K-MOD80-TR and A9K-40GE-L.

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New Member

I will answer the first part of your question, because one of my client was building a carrier ethernet network and decided to implement also some L3 VPNs.

Without any license you can terminate L2 VPNs. For L3 VPNs you need a license per slot (or box with ASR 9001).

You need only one license. If you need only 8 VRFs per A9K-MOD80-TR the first license (A9K-IVRF-LIC). If you need more VRFs for your L3 VPN infrastructure, you need to buy  the A9K-MOD80-AIP-TR license.

That's all.

You don't need a license for L2 VPNs (including VPLS)

You need one license per line card for L3 VPNs.

New Member

For the second query, check below website:

Scale Challenge

– Millions of VMs: MAC, ARP

– 10,000+ tenants: VPLS VSI

– 10-100 sites: VPLS PWs


Hu Xu