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CDE CDNFS Disk Replacement Process

When receive a new disk please follow the steps for the replacement, please note this is for replacing non-system disk only, for system disk replacement, please check the configuration guide(link below):

1, Log in CDE CLI, run command 'show disk details', find out the disk which was showing as 'problematic' or 'not present or not responding'.

2, Run 'disk unuse <disk name>', the disk name is the one showing as 'problematic' or 'not present or not responding'

3, Replace the disk with the new one received

4, Run 'disk mark <disk name> good'

5, Run 'disk erase <disk name>'

6, Run 'disk policy apply'

7, Reload the device

8, Run 'show disk detail' again after the device is reloaded. Make sure the replaced disk is showing as 'Normal' like below:

disk00: Normal  (h07 c00 i07 l00 - INTEL SSDSA2BW16)      152627MB(149.1GB)

        disk00-01: CDNFS        122093MB(119.2GB) mounted internally

For more details about how to replace the disk please refer to the CDS-IS configuration guide:

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