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EoMPLS carrying an Ethernet Trunk ?

Hi there!

Network topology is as below

ce  ---------- PE1 (C7200VXR) -------- MPLS Cloud ------- PE2 (C7200VXR) ------- ce

vlan 100    vlan 20                                                                     vlan20             vlan 100

vlan 200                                                                                                         vlan 200

is it possible for vlan 20 of PE to carry CE's VLANs ?

if it is not possible, could you guys tell me the reason or doucment ?

I know vlan 20 of PE is the service tag.  and CE's vlans(vlan 100, 200) are customer's tag

Of course, without vlan in PE (it is port base), it is possible to carry CE's ethernet trunk

IOS : C7200VXR 12.2 33(SRD5)

Thanks & regards

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If I understand correctly, is your PE1 mpls enabled.  If so your service instance could look like the following

service instance 200 ethernet

encapsulation dot1q 100 second dot1q 200 (only if double tagged traffic)

encapsulation dot1q 100

rewrite ingress tag pop 1 symmetric

xconnect encapsulation mpls

Then you would have a seperate service instance for vlan 200 if two separate vlans

Hope I was on the correct track



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I know that service instance config is only used for C7600 ES Line Cards and SIP Series.

is it effective to use service instance on C7200 Routers ?

I know that the config could be put on C7200 12.2 (33) SRD5.

But, I know it doesn't work on C7200.

Am I right?

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WonCheol Kim

its not possible since your xconnect is on an access subinterface, hence no tag is carried. I did this on an ME in a q-in-q setup. my configs on the ce facing port was like this:

int fx/x

     switchport access vlan yy

     switchport mode dot1q-tunnel