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How To Check SCE Classification

What is Classification?

The SCE will classify all traffic in terms of protocol, service etc so that rules can be applied to that traffic.

when  misclassifcation occurs the incorrect rules may be applied to the  traffic resulting in traffic being blocked, limited or allowed against  the wishes of the network administrator. Basically, it looks like the rules are not working.

How to troubleshoot Classification Issues

Follow the steps below to create a CSV file containing classification details of the traffic through the SCE

Note1: The steps are written on the assumption you will upload this data to a TAC service request for analysis:

Note2: Always use a test package with a single subscriber. You will not be able to easily analyse the traffic if you use a production package.

Step 1:

Open the existing configuration in SCA-BB

Step 2:

Create a new package for test purposes. You can leave the default rule  as allow or add specific rules if you wish to test that certain traffic  is being blocked

Step 3:

Enable Transaction Usage RDRs (TUR) for this package:

  Select the "Configuration" drop down in the left pane of SCA-BB

    Select Classification and then RDR Settings

  In the "RDR Settings" window select the "Transaction Usage RDRs" tab.

    In the middle of the window place a tick in the box for your test package.

    This section is titled "Packages and services for which Transaction Usage RDRs should be generated:"

Step 4:

Apply the service configuration to your SCE.

Step 5:

Create  a test subscriber and assign the test package. This way you will only  have a single user generating RDRs for this package.

Step 6:

Login to the Collection Manager and ensure that the CSVadaptor can receive

TURs. Check that in 'cm/config/queue.conf', under the Billing Adaptor, that the

variable tags= contains the number:

4042323000 (For Transaction Usage RDRs)

4042321984 (For Blocking RDRs)

These values should be there by default.

Step 7:

Login with the test subscriber and generate the test traffic.

Step 8:

Create and upload a support file from the sce "logger get support-file ftp://username:password@".

Step 9:

Copy the newly generated CSV files from the Collection Manager to your case:

  Go to the 'cm/adaptors/CSVadaptor/csvfiles/4042323000' directory, and take a

    copy of all the files in the directory (or just the new files).

  Go to the 'cm/adaptors/CSVadaptor/csvfiles/4042321984' directory, and take a

    copy of all the files in the directory (or just the new files).

How to Analyse the contents of the CSV file

The contents of each field in an RDR is outlined in the SCA-BB reference manual:

(specifically for TURs in version 3.7.x):

Note: There are usually 2 additional fields at the begining or your CSV file:

Time in Milliseconds since the epoch (since 1970, this is a derivitive of Unix time)

RDR tag value such as 4042323000 for TURs

To increase the redability of the CSV I recommend that you import it  into a spreadsheet. You should add the following line to the top of your  CSV or open this separately to provide headings for each column:


Demo Video

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