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MATE_UNAVAIL error observed for E1s on PGW



Problem Description

Observing MATE_UNAVAIL Errors on the PGW2200 for the CICs (Circuit Identification code) E1s connected to the Media Gateway AS5400 series. PGW2200 is configured in Nailed Mode and Interconnected with the Voice Media Gateway for PSTN call routing.




MATE_UNAVAIL - Locally blocked on a nailed-up system due to a media gateway event (for example, a group service message received from the media gateway or the media gateway is out of service). If the associated switch is not responding to group unblock messages, the CICs stay in the MATE_UNAVAIL circuit block state. Your CICs will be in this state when you bring up the Cisco MGC or media gateway. Once the associated switch acknowledges the unblock message, the CICs are taken out of this


innpgw02 mml> rtrv-cic:ss7p-sig:cic=193,rng=31
   MGC-02 - Media Gateway Controller 2007-03-16 12:49:12.747 IST


If the CICs stay in the MATE_UNAVAIL circuit block state, then troubleshoot the problem with the media gateway.



1. Show controller E1.

Do "shut" and "No shut" the Corresponding Controller E1 on the Media Gateway


2. If you still having problem, try to "shut" the Signaling Interface connected to the E1 say Serial 7/0:15 ie the dchannel 7/0 and bring them back to "No shut" via the CLI command on the MGW.


mgw1#conf ter

mgw1(config)#controller e1 7/0

mgw1(config-controller)# shut

mgw1(config-controller)# noshut

mgw1(config)#interface dchannel 7/0




3. Try Resetting the CIC at both the local (PGW2200) and at Far end operator system.


mml <reset-cic:<sig path>:CIC=<number>[,RNG=<range>]


4. If steps 1-3 still does not fix the problem, you can try to stop/start the PGW.

New Member

Hi all!

i have same problem, now i have 2 PGW active/standby and running call processing but i not sure when we stop /start PGW. it drop all call

Another reason for the same issue is configuration missing in MGW!