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Multicast Troubleshooting ASR9000

This document details basic asr9000 multicast architecture and in-depth help in troubleshooting multicast related issues.

Author : Sadananda Phadke

              Technical Leader, ASR9K deployment team

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‎11-05-2013 11:33 AM
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New Member

Hello Sadananda,

This is a great document !.

I have some questions that I hope you could answer

1) When the total number of flows exceed 4096 on a specific ASR9000 line card I presume "super-casting" becomes effective. What ASR counter or statistic clearly highlights the additional "super-casted" traffic on a line card? I am trying to determine the additional level of traffic generated by super-casting.

2) Is it possible for "super-casting" to occur on a line card when the total number of flows on the line card is less than 4096 flows? In the past I have seen multiple flows mapped to a single MGID on a line card with less than 4096 flows.

3) How frequently are redundant MGID entries freed up on an ASR900 line card especially if there is no multicast flow using the MGID entry or do you have to wait for system reboot for freeing up MGID entries?

Thanks in advance