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Unable to see VRF Info

I used GNS3 to configure MPLS VPN. I created CE and PE and using EBGP, but I am not able to see any VRF info in PE. I am able to ping vrf Cut-A, and CE router is showing everything correct. Please any advise, and please attachment.

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I do not know about your complete topology but from the given information, R2 is your PE router and there is no network advertised in BGP address-family ipv4 vrf and there is no BGP address-family VPNv4 neigborship.

You will find BGP VPNv4 routes in these cases:

- You have advertised network with network statement under bgp add-family vrf

- Redistributed something under bgp add-family vrf

- This PE router is learning BGP VPNV4 routes from other PE router(s)

Let me know what you are trying to implement, I will try to help.