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[VDS-TC] How to modifying FI configuration file for standalone mode.


Cisco provides FI configuration on CCO. However, currently only redundant mode configurations are available. This article shows how to move from redundant mode configuration to standalone mode.



Download Cisco VDS Transparent Caching Configurations file from




  1. Open the configuration file
  2. Modify the configuration file


  • Delete the line ending with switchId = "B"

<computeChassisConnPolicy adminState="global" chassisId="2" descr="" name="" policyOwner="local" switchId="B" />


It should be ending with switchId="B". 



**  Please do not delete if the line ends with switchId="A".


  • Delete the line or section starting with fabricEpMgr id="B"  between <fabricEp> and </fabricEp>

- between <fabricEp> and </fabricEp>, there are many sections or lines starting with fabricEpMgr id="B". You should delete all of them.


examples - From betweeb <fabricEp> and </fabricEp>,



Find lines or sections are containing id="B" and delete them

 ** You can see the result in the example file i attached. 


  • Replace switchId="A-B" to switchId="A" for ethernet configuration

For the Ethernet configuration, redandunt mode applied as well. If you will not replace it, Server profile will not associate with the server. Use the replacing function to replace them.

 - Open replacement tool from the editor and replace all switchId="A-B" to switchId="A"








3 . Save the file

 This is all we need to modify. I already tested this configuration in our lab and it has been working successfully.

I attached the exampl configurtion file. It curretly is being used in our lab



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