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VDS-TC Upgrade/Downgrade Procedures


What would be the procedures to upgrade/downgrade VDS-TC within 5.1.1 builds?
Upgrade and rollback between builds within the same 5.1.1 release is supported and done using the upgrade command and simply specifying different upgrade packages i.e.
In upgrade specify the following package: VDS-TC_GA_5.1.1b<xx>_Server_Cluster.tar.gz  (Note: xx should be the newer version)
In downgrade specify the following package: VDS-TC_GA_5.1.1b<yy>_Server_Cluster.tar.gz  (Note: yy should be the older version)
Also please check cache size and volumes size before and after the upgrade, in case you see difference please run console#cache sync CLI command during normal cluster operation.
This command will sync the cache with the content items located in CMDB.
Please check the document in below link for more details regarding the downgrade/upgrade procedures:  


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