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Why Is My File Transfer Failing With "File too large" or "Value too large"


When copying files greater than 2GB - 1 byte in size to a QNX4 formatted disk the file transfer will fail saying "File too large" or "Value too large" even if the disk has plenty of space. This is a limitation of the QNX4 filesystem ( just like how any filesystem such as FAT16/32 have limitations.

This issue is typically seen when the entire tar file from is being copied to the router.


  1. unTAR the downloaded file
  2. Follow the relevant upgrade guide (IOS-XR Upgrade Procedures) to determine any pre-requisite SMUs that are needed
  3. Determine what packages are currently installed via 'show install active summary' and what packages are needed for an upgrade.
  4. Copy the files to the router (optional)
    1. Verify the MD5 checksum (optional)
      1. 'show md5 file /harddisk:/file' command, The extra slash at the beginning is needed
      2. Note that by default MD5s are checked by the install architecture
    2. Add the packages via 'admin install add {packages}'
    3. Test the packages via 'admin install activate {packages} test' (optional)
    4. Activate and commit the packages
      1. 'admin install activate {packages | id}'
      2. Reload (automatic)
      3. 'admin install commit'
    5. Steps 4-8 may need to be repeated for pre-requisite SMUs, the upgrade itself, and also any SMUs on the new version of code



    RP/0/RSP1/CPU0:asr9k#copy tftp:// disk1:
    %Error copying disk1:/ASR9K-iosxr-px-k9-4.3.1.tar : File too large


    RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:asr9k(admin)#copy usb: disk0:

    Source filename [/usb:]?ASR9K-iosxr-px-k9-4.3.2.tar

    Destination filename [/disk0:/ASR9K-iosxr-px-k9-4.3.2.tar]?

    %Error copying usb:/ASR9K-iosxr-px-k9-4.3.2.tar : Value too large to be stored in datatype

    Copy of usb:/ASR9K-iosxr-px-k9-4.3.2.tar to disk0:/ASR9K-iosxr-px-k9-4.3.2.tar is not


    RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:asr9k(admin)#dir usb:

    Directory of usb:

    131200      -rw-  2281277440  Mon Dec 23 14:07:16 2013  ASR9K-iosxr-px-k9-4.3.2.tar

    158831      drwx  4096        Tue Dec 24 08:46:38 2013  LOST.DIR

    Sam Milstead

    Customer Support Engineer - XR TAC