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How to configure D9858 for simultaneous HD & SD output

Cisco Employee

(view in My Videos)
Demonstration of how to configure a D9858 for simultaneous HD & SD output (via ASI) of the same HD program. Accomplished via DPM and Transcoding menus.

New Member

Can you please post the step by step process... As the video is not clear.

Cisco Employee

Hi Muhammad;

I just posted a document that gives a more detailed procedure of this exercise.

New Member

Thanks for the document Fred.


Do u know If there is any way to get simultaneous HD & SD output from D9858-1?

Cisco Employee

The D9858-1 has a single PE and is only capable of passing a single service.  You cannot pass two services with this model.

New Member

Muy estimado Fred Yee.

Solicito me puedas apoyar, necesito obtener HD Y SD de una señal con un d9858 pero no se ve bien el video e incluso no hablo ingles 

¿puedes ayudarme para conocer paso a paso el proceso ?

Te lo agradeceré mucho Saludos.

Cisco Employee

I do not understand the question, but I will forward your question to the appropriate person.

Cisco Employee

Hola Isalas101,


Puedes contactarme directamente para contestar tus pregustas en espagnol ...




Julio Albert Ulloa 


New Member

Muy agradecido Julio 

el numero que me proporcionas es fijo o celular, si es fijo me proporcionas la lada y cual es el mejor horario para no interrumpir tus actividades 




New Member

Estimado Julio


Nos podrías apoyar con algún documento donde se realice el proceso paso a paso, para obtener la señal HD y SD del receptor Cisco D9858.



Cisco Employee



Puedes contactarme al:

New Member

This is very helpful! However, I didn't see the document for this. I'm a little late to the party haha. Any chance you could forward to me? Also, if you can point me to a step by step guide for how this is done on a D9859 via front panel and web GUI it would be very helpful to me in assisting our affiliates.

Thank you in advance!


Cisco Employee
Rob; Here is the document which I wrote quite awhile ago. The procedure to perform this with a D9859 should be the same, as the D9859 has 8 transcoded outputs, while the D9858 only has 2. Fred
New Member

Thank you so much, Fred! I assume this level of transcode modification isn't capable through the front panel. I appreciate your help with this.


Cisco Employee
Rob; The procedure demonstrates both front panel access and via web browser.
New Member

Even better. Going to dive into the document very soon. Either way, grateful for your guidance.