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Installing Collection Manager

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Shelley Bhalla is a TAC engineer at Cisco specialized in the service control technology. In this video you can learn in easy steps how to install a collection manager and link it to the service control application for broadband. This product is widely used by service providers for service control and helps bring reporting functionality to the service control solution.


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When adding time zone I did 600 (minutes) for EST whereas it should be -600.

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Interesting, i wish all of the trainings were that useful.

One question though:in order to see the IP of SCE for policy data we need to configure the RDR-formatter destination x.x.x.x port yyyyy and then restart the SCA BB console. What do i need to do when this doesnt work?

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Thanks for the compliments. I am working on building others in the same technology arena. Stay tuned (I sound like a radio station  )

Adding the RDR-formatter command to the SCE and then applying the policy to the SCE causes an update to the CM as well. You need to ensure that you see that log on SCA-BB (updating CM). Sometimes even after this the SCA-BB does not show the ip so I jsut restart the SCA-BB application. This updates SCA-BB and I was able to see the IP.

If you still dont see it, we are getting in the realm of troubleshooting. You need to go to the CM and run the -a script and read the last update date on the INI_VALUES table. This value should be the time you updates the CM via SCA-BB. If not then the update never reached the CM. If the time stamp is the same There is a slight chance that the INI_VALUES table is corrupt. You should delete the table and reapply the policy from SCA-BB.

Log into sybase:

~sybase/OCS-15_0/bin/isql -Upqb_admin -Ppqb_admin -Spqbsyb1

Check the content of the DB to see if the ip of SCE is indeed there.

~/cm/bin/cm invoke -executeQuery "SELECT * FROM dbo.INI_VALUES

(this will be around 3500 lines or more)

to drop the table :

~scmscm/scripts/ -f RPT_TR

This will cause a new INI_VALUES table to be generated. This time you should be able to see the IP of SCE.

If all this does not help, I believe you should open a Cisco TAC case and have them take a look at it.

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Hello Shelly.

I wonder if you have plans to work on a video
Subcriber Manager installation.


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Yes, I am working on a subscriber manager install video and will be up soon.


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Hi shelley, May i have ur email pls. I lost it. Tq. F