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03-02-2015 01:15 AM PST thru 03-13-2015 02:15 PM PST

This Ask the Expert Session will cover questions about Cisco ServiceGrid and how it works. Cisco ServiceGrid is an integration platform in the cloud that seamlessly connects enterprise IT and service providers to enable automated, multiparty service collaboration. It offers a secure and flexible way to integrate with everyone in the ecosystem and automate sharing of processes, data, and workflows in real-time by eliminating manual practices and bottlenecks and promoting significant operational efficiencies that are scalable and reusable. Learn more and ask questions about features, architecture, use cases, and implementation.

Monday, March 2nd, 2015 to Friday, March 13th, 2015

Alexander Kalaschek is a Service Integration Specialist in the Cisco ServiceGrid technical services group and is based in Austria. He has managed service provider infrastructures and applications for the past 15 years. During his career in service provider ecospheres and smart bonding, Alex has managed the technical services team and developed various product and service delivery enhancements in ServiceGrid. For the past 5 years, Alex has delivered and managed B2B service integrations. He currently works in knowledge management and delivery optimization of ServiceGrid.

Patrick Schneider-Sturm is the team lead for the ServiceGrid support team that handles tier 2 support for the ServiceGrid solution and is based in Vienna. His areas of expertise include IT Service Management (ITSM), ITIL, and web service connections. He has over 10 years support experience and is currently developing a certification program for ServiceGrid to enable official Cisco certifications.

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10-02-2014 09:00 AM PST thru 10-02-2014 10:00 AM PST

Register for a webinar with David Kinn and Rob Walker, both of Cisco’s ServiceGrid BU, who will be sharing their thoughts and experiences pertaining to service request handling in multi-vendor B2B ecosystems and how ServiceGrid capabilities can address some of the key challenges and inherent complexities of multi-vendor support environments.

“CIO’s in multi-sourced IT organizations continue to struggle having no single view of processes, no automated exchange of information and no consistent SLA management, all of which lead to escalating management costs” – Arjun Sethi, VP Outsourcing Practice, ATKearney


Hear David and Rob describe current market challenges, share some interesting survey data highlighting the disconnect between buyers and providers of IT services, and review some use case examples that illustrate the positive impact that a ServiceGrid-enabled, connected B2B solution can make in complex multi-vendor support environments.

Speaker Bios:

David Kinn is a Senior Product Manager in the ServiceGrid BU of Cisco’s Data and Analytics Business Group (DABG) and is responsible for new offers and capabilities enabled by ServiceGrid software.

In 2013, he took a lead role in the acquisition of SolveDirect on behalf of DABG, helped lead the integration efforts to establish the ServiceGrid BU, and launched the associated SaaS and Advanced Services offers and capabilities comprising the ServiceGrid portfolio.

Since joining Cisco in 2004 via the NetSolve acquisition, his roles have also included senior positions in Service Delivery and Vendor Management for the Managed Services practice within Cisco’s Cloud and Managed Services (CMS) group.


Rob Walker is a Senior Manager in the ServiceGrid BU of Cisco’s Data and Analytics Business Group (DABG) and leads the Cisco Smart Bonding B2B Operations team.

Since joining Cisco in 2000, his roles have also included Channel Solutions IT, Channel Operations Management and Cisco Collaborative Services.

10-21-2014 10:00 AM PST thru 10-21-2014 11:30 AM PST

During this live event, subject matter expert June Zheng will cover a number of advanced topics on the Connected Analytics for Network Deployment.

There’s a business story hiding in your network—Connected Analytics for Network Deployment reveals it to you. This subscription software delivers automated analysis of configuration and deployment anomalies, prioritized remediation that focuses on the most impactful areas, and helps create highly resilient networks that are ready for complex business services. Connected Analytics for Network Deployment (CAND) is a subscription-based software that leverages Cisco’s big data analytics platform to take vast quantities of network data and service request information and distill them into easily understandable, actionable visualizations. CAND can help you gain enhanced operational productivity and improved service quality.


  • Overview of the service
  • How it works
  • End to End Security
  • Data workflows
  • Live demo

June Zheng is a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer in Cisco’s Data and Analytics Business Group. She has 14 years of experience in the networking industry. Her areas of expertise include Routing and Switching, Unified Communication, Virtualization, Network Management, Analytics, and SaaS. June maintains a CCIE certification in Routing and Switching since 2004 (#14119). She has been a frequent speaker at Cisco Live since 2006.

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Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014 at 10a.m. PDT San Francisco (UTC -7 hours).