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New user | Been here for a while | Looking for a resource for rack ears

Sorry if I've lumped too much stuff into one post.

I am rejoining the group using my personal email address as my work address is unfortunately something that could potentially change (hopefully not soon, but we never know). I've been an online member of the SVCUG for some time under my work email at Spirent Communications. Probably need some help deleting that account, particularly now that we're switched over to using the Cisco Support Community, and I'm here now under my personal email.

In any case, wondering if anyone knows of any local resources (South Bay or Peninsula) where one might purchase rack ears and screws for older Cisco Gear (i.e. 2500 and 2600 series routers)? I've tried the folks at in Sunnyvale without much luck. Or is online the best option these days?

Thank in Advance.


New Member

New user | Been here for a while | Looking for a resou


Ah, if only it were as easy as simply specifying either 1U, 2U, 3U, or so on for rack ears and placing an order.

But each model series seems to have different ear types.

I've used Ebay, of course, to get rack ears. But first I try to find an Ebay pic of the router or switch with the ears already mounted. Just to confirm the hole pattern.

Here's a good selection.

Add your device model or series number to the search string to narrow it down.

There are also specialty stores on Ebay or online that have Cisco accessories with the appropriate selection tools.

I haven't found a nice part number listing that gives a table for all the routers and switches ever produced. THAT would be handy.

Good luck!

__Will in San Jose

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