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Hard reset on NAS NSS 326


can someone confirm if this will allow access to previously encrypted volumes?

We  have an nss326 which has the encrypted password stored for when the nas  boots up and unlocks the volumes automatically. The previous  administrator set the password and nobody knows what it is. We need to  change the encryption key and keep the data.

Is the hard reset the best way to achieve this?



Hard reset on NAS NSS 326


I would first back all data you wouldn’t want to lose since the volume is unlocked now. Instead of a hard reset we can attempt a reset of admin password. Administration guide: PG- 39

Reset Network Settings and Password

You can restore the network settings and password for your NAS device using the

reset button located on the back panel. The NAS device should be powered on for

this procedure. Using a paper clip, press the reset button for 3 seconds, until the

NAS beeps.

The following settings are reset to default:

• System administration password: admin

• Network settings:

- Obtain TCP/IP settings automatically via DHCP

- Disable Jumbo Frame

- System management port - 8080

• System tools: IP filter settings - Allow all connections

• LCD panel password: (blank)

This 3 second reset should only clear out these fields but back up all data as a precaution.

Hope this helps,


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Re: Hard reset on NAS NSS 326


thanks for your responce. The Admin guide on p39 is the same procedure you documented below it, is that correct?

I did read somewhere about using SSH (i know this is enabled) to regain the password (although not on cisco website), is that an option you are aware of?

Also would we lose the sharing of folders off the volume?

The data is quite sizable and made up of lots of small files so very time consuming to backup off the device. (several days)



Re: Hard reset on NAS NSS 326


When you lose the password from an encrypted volume, there is not recovery from that volume. So need to get what data you need off now while you still have access. After important data is saved then you redo your volume.(factory default you're unit and you'll have to reconfigure.) There isn't any way around an encrypted volume. You will need to be a register users then you can e-mail me For quicker response you can e-mail me directly if you have further questions.


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