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How can read hdd without NSS6000

Can I read data from hdd on PC. 4 hdd in a RAID10 with two volumes.

Can I do that?

Motherboard with 6 SATA ports, plug in hdd  /dev/sda      slot1 (left to right on NAS )...../dev/sdd     slot4, /dev/sde hdd with linux, /dev/sdf spare hdd for copy

mdadm -A /dev/md0 /dev/sda.....sdd raid

lvm, vgchange -ay partitions, create dev entries   /PUB

dd if=/dev/RAIDA/PUB of=/dev/sdf   ... backup partition

mount -t xfs /dev/RAIDA/PUB /mnt/nas

Cisco Employee

Re: How can read hdd without NSS6000

Not sure if that would work or not but worth a try. One thing to note is that you are assuming that the RAID table was written sequentially starting sda through sdd. Typically that is not the case. If you have any logs from the NSS, download "All" logs and save to your computer. Once you have the tarball extract it and look for the "boot.log". This log file will show us everything about the RAID and the correct "order" (basically which drive is parity). Really the order should not matter just wondering if fstab will complain. 

*** Just thinking out load ***

Would like to know if you were successful.

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