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New Member

NS4000 running on degrade mode (RAID5)

Hi to who may concern

We have  NS4000 running ing RAID5 is at degrade mode and cannot able to map the drive. Attached is the error log.

Is it true that the hardisk is faulty and need to replaced ?

Or I need to take out the faulty hardisk (which is 3rd hardisk based on error log ) and add the sata to rebuild the harddisk ?

Need to know will  it erase the data if we rebuild the SATA ?

Appreciated your kind reply.


Re: NS4000 running on degrade mode (RAID5)

Hi Mr Tan,

You better be very very sure which drive is bad.  I honestly couldn't tell which drive was bad from the log that you posted.  I guess the easiest thing to do is check out the troubleshooting section of the Administrators guide,  regarding  "repairing a degraded array"  on page  157 onwards.  I have a link to the manual below.

But be careful, If you remove the wrong drive, you will destroy the raided volume. Much to my shame I did that once to my NSS4100,  but i was very lucky, i had a backup copy of the data to restore.  Check the NSS4000 GUI management screen  to see if you can really identify the cause of the degraded array or the RAID tab , may show you which drive is 'not in array'.

If you are still unsure you always have the opportunity to call the SBSC. Their contact details can be obtained from the following URL;

regards Dave

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