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NSS 2000 and Jet 3050 DODBEngine.OpenDatabase error

I have recently purchased a NSS 2000 NAS. Everything appears to work fine for the files stored on the NSS200 but for an applicaton that uses a JET 3.5 database. The behaviour is the followiong:

  1. Accessing the database from one PC is ok
  2. Accessing the database from two differnt PCs gives the error: 3050 DODBEngine.OpenDatabase error
  3. Accessing the database frome two instances of the appication run from the same PC is ok

No problems have ever arisen when accessing the database from a Windows shared folder.

From what I have read on the web it appears that the problem may lie in the NSS not being able to cope with file locks coming from different PCs ...

Is there a setting or tweak that can help ?

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Re: NSS 2000 and Jet 3050 DODBEngine.OpenDatabase error

I have noticed similar behavior with Access DBs. In those cases however; the problem had to do with share permissions. Make sure that the share the DB is in, is accessible by all users with R/W permissions. Another thing that may help is map the share that contains the DB to a computer but connect to the share with the NSS admin user and password.

Let us know if that solves your problem.

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