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NSS 322 not accessible on my network, only Tonky ...?

Hello experts,

I have just installed my new NSS 322. (Great! Just bought it and just discovered Cisco is dropping it - so much for rewarding shareholder loyalty). Anyway, I expected to see NSS 322 (set to Raid 1) on my network (as per the NSLU2). But it's not there. I can access the NSS 322 using the webserver without problem. I am using windows (7 and XP) on my network. I presume I have not set it up correctly (although the workgroup name is correct - it's just that there's nothing I can copy the files to).

Could anyone out there help a damsel in distress, please?

Thank you.



NSS 322 not accessible on my network, only Tonky ...?

Hi Regan,

Thank you for posting. You can enable the UPnP service on the NAS under Administration-> Network Service Discovery. This should advertise the device on your network.

You can also access the shares by going to Start-> Run and typing \\ in Windows(This is an example, use the actual IP address OR hostname of your device, such as \\MyNAS) This should give you a list of available shares.

Please reply and tell us if this is helpful or if you need further information.

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NSS 322 not accessible on my network, only Tonky ...?

Hello mpyhala,

Your prompt and helpful reply is much appreciated. I had already enabled the UPnP service, so maybe there is hope for me yet. I had also upgraded the upgraded the firmware from 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4 and finally to 1.5.

After many hours of effort, I gave up, posted my message and went to bed; switching off everything as I went. This morning, everything works perfectly!! Apparently, problem solved.

I just remain miffed that I've bought something Cisco is no longer supporting. I presume users will be getting some sort of communictaion about this and what Cisco recommends us do for on-going support?

Thank you!



NSS 322 not accessible on my network, only Tonky ...?


I'm happy to hear that the issue was resolved. Cisco will continue to provide support for one year from the date of purchase as usual through the Small Business Support Center. The hardware warranty will be honored for five years from the date of purchase as well.

The NSS300 devices are manufactured by QNAP. QNAP will continue to update the firmware and provide support for Cisco customers that convert to the QNAP firmware. QNAP is constantly adding features to these devices and works very hard to make noticeable improvements to the functionality. You can find more information about the transition process at the following page: Note: It is not possible to revert back to the Cisco firmware once the QNAP firmware has been loaded.

My understanding is that QNAP provides excellent support and they also have a well established community forum which makes it very easy to find answers quickly.

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