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NSS-322 setup problems

I got my 2bay eval unit in this evening and got right to work on it.

Everything was very smooth, the wizard found the product and setup commenced. The problem came at the end when I sent the configuration to the system and it started to format the drives. It seems I had a bad hard drive and it caused the box to completely lock up.

I was unable to access any functions of the box or the web management interface. I noticed the power led was flashing red then green. I had to unplug the power to the unit and plug it back in and the red light went away but the box never came up. The windows client did find the unit but it had an address of and as a result it couldnt be accessed by the tool.

I removed the bad drive and took a paper clip and reset the unit and instead of a DHCP address it came up with all the settings I had programmed into the unit through the wizard. After this I was able to access the unit.

So perhaps if the wizard had update the Ip and all other configuration info (or did it already) and THEN start the drive configuration I might have been able to logon to the box to see that one of the drives was bad instead of just waiting 30 minutes while it was stuck on 20%. I guess its obvious this is a software raid box based on this behavior.

In any case the wizard needs some tweaking as the configuration window within the wizard window is too large to display however you have blocked the ability to re-size or maximize the wizard window. The constant scrolling around and the limited view in the configuration window of the wizard was VERY annoying.

I have to find a replacement disk before I can test anythign else out.

I was not able to find ANY troubleshooting information on the device or on the web, where is it hiding? I wanted to know what the red light flashing meant. I was also suprised that some basic troubleshooting infomration was not in the quick start guide included in the box.

I went through the CD looking and only found references to this site which is fine but its more of a forum than a support site. A support site has drivers, firmware, software downloads, manuals and such, the  way I see it.

FYI when searching the CD I found several draft copies of the user manuals complete with reviewers notes, marked with Cisco confidential.


Cisco Employee

Re: NSS-322 setup problems

You can locate the NSS3XX Admin Guides on here.  These are the final published versions.

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