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NSS 324 / 326 Performance Specs?

After digging and searching through all the documents I could find (and online support), I have not been able to find any performance specs on the new NSS 324/326 devices.  So far Cisco has only sent me the generic links that show what's inside the NASes.

What I'm looking for is read/write performance on a gig network.  Both multiple small and very large files.

Our current NASes are lucky to get 10MB/sec (five years ago that was blazing), but now these devices should be approaching the 100MB/sec.  No online reviews has anything like this yet.

Anyone have one of these on your network?  If a person is sitting behind a Windows based PC, what are your realistic transfer rates?

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Re: NSS 324 / 326 Performance Specs?


You might want to look at another thread which has some information on performance.  Still waiting on third party performance data to be published.  Once that is available we'll post the links in the forum.

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Re: NSS 324 / 326 Performance Specs?

I have a 4-bay NSS-324 with 4 x Western Digital Black FASS 2TB drives in a single RAID5. I am using one of the GigE connections into a home-standard Linksys Gig switch.

Copying a bunch of large files all the same size (250MB each) several times I have seen it get as high as 650mbps, this was from a Windows 2008 virtual machine running on ESXi. That's as high as I have seen it go, more "usual" speeds seem to be around 300-500mbps.

Backing up a similar virtual machine with native Windows 2008 backup it averaged around 250mbps

In comparison the Lacie-2Big that the NSS is replacing seems completely incapable of going beyond 180mbps.

I doubt you will ever see 100MBps (800mbps).

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