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NSS4000 missing volumes and shares, but RAID ok?

We have an NSS4000 with a RAID5 array. We started a large CIFS file transfer to a windows 2003 server from a sharepoint this weekend ironiclly to back up the device and during the file scan process, we encountered communiction errors and the file transfer didn't even start. We could ping the device, but could not log into web admin or mount any shares. We pulled the power cord, put the usb boot drive in the back usb slot as usual and rebooted the device. The device booted up ok we can log into the web admin, the RAID5 array lists OK / healthy, but there are no volumes or shares.

I found this post

and thought it was like our case and:

1. backed up configuration

2. reset to factory

3. restored configuration

4. reset drives (when powered off)

5. looked over the fstab config files and the seem to have the right volume and shares listed,

Above did not restore access to shares. After some addtional research, I found reference to shares going missing after improper shutdown, so we created a new volume on the healthly array with the exact same name as before and a single share with same name as before / rebooted. Not exactly sure this was the best idea since I'm not sure what creating a volume and a share might do to actual sectors on the array.

The array lists 0% used, but the 1.36 array was almost full before this issue.


1. is there anything else we can try that is within the grasp of non linux experts?

2. any recommendations for data recovery companies expereinced with recovering data from these devices?

3. I have contacted for a data recovery quote.  Has anyone used them?

Thanks for any input.

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