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NSS4000 shares flagged unavailable

First time in this forum, hello to everyone!

Since yesaterday I cannot get access to any shares on my NSS4000. It worked oerfect for the last months, I didn`t change anything. But nobody can  access any shares anymore.

In the administration web-interface, everything looks fine exept in the Access - Status - Current CIFS access field is "NOTE" displayed.

When looking in the log-file I can read a comment which is: "NOTE: Service homes is flagged unavailable."

What can I do to get access to all my files?

Merry Christmas


Cisco Employee

Re: NSS4000 shares flagged unavailable

Welcome to Cisco Community!

From the sounds of it the problem may be on the RAID. Check your RAID status and admin logs, guessing here; but I would be willing to bet that the RAID is stopped. This is possibly due to HDD failure and RAID running degraded for an extended period. If you not sure what to look for just download all the logs and post the tar.gz file or just call the Small Business Center and they should be able to assist you.

In the US call: 1.866.606.1866

Let us know what you find.

New Member

Re: NSS4000 shares flagged unavailable

Hello and thank you for the response.

In the meantime i figgered out what the problem was: I deactivated Netbios on the client side and that stopped them from accessing the NAS.

The funny thing is (see the attached log-file) that the message mentioned in the topic still shows up in the log-file.

As said in my initial posting, everything else lools perfect in the web-interface, all shares and volumes are up and unlocked, RAID Status is ok, all disks are healthy (It's a 3-disk RAID 5 with a 4th disk as a hot spare)

All lights on the front of the NAS are green, nothing is flashing. I`m just worrying if I will loose my data in the near future or what this message means.

I enclosed an older log file as well with some interesting messages like "can't find mount point" and other messages.

I'm just worried about future problems as I don`t want to loose any of the data stored on the disks.


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