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New Member

NSS6000 dead

Anyone know where to get a board for NSS6000, my system has a solid amber power light that doesnt blink and the recovery process did not work. Is it available to purchase or is there a service center that can correct the corrupt boot loader.

The system was operational and had a firmware upgrade to the lastest 1.20.1. While recoverying a raid the system hung for hours and a reboot rendered it dead.

Any guidence would be much appriciated.  Thanks.

New Member

Re: NSS6000 dead

It stuck me odd how the system  would not boot enough to read the USB stick at all, so with my  background on computer science and some OS courses i took and some  experiance with hw troubleshooting... I though hey why not test another  RAM module, good thing i had a Samung 1Gig PC2700 = 333mhz from my  collection miscellaneous pc and electronic equipment(IBM T42 laptop  motherboard). Took out the Transcend 333mhz 512MB DDR stick (samsung  memory chips & transcend board), and replaced it with Genuine Samung  1Gig PC2700 (board and chip) and voala amber light went to blinking  amber to green and it was up and running again.

Previous  sympoms was solid amber and no usb read either than power, no lan  interface, and the led on the board D36( i think) was blinking every 1/2  second.

Therefore, issue has been resolved and Ram was the culprit, RAM goes bad, C'est la vie. Thank you and good luck.

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