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Querying SNMP status of a NSS4000

I have a program written by SnmpSource called MibViewer (for testing purposes, it has a builtin 5 day trial).  It can see the traps that are sent from my NSS4000 when I do Admin->SNMP Traps->Test All.

This same program cannot request the current status of any SNMP items.  I have tried using SNMP Get Next, SNMP Walk, and SNMP Get Bulk, and none of them return anything whatsoever.

So, the question is: How do I query the SNMP values of an NSS4000?  I'm guessing that there are certain security parameters that I need to use to talk to it, or that the device is not capable.

Cisco Employee

Re: Querying SNMP status of a NSS4000

This has become a popular question. The NSS will send SNMP information (configured traps) but you will not be able to poll it as if it were a server. There are no values to join community or for authentication. From the sounds of it, you were able to correctly configure MibViewer, as the traps will go out port 162. I will look further into this and I will post as to what kind of polling can we actually do.

Cisco Employee

Re: Querying SNMP status of a NSS4000

We are not able to actually request information from the NSS, all we can do is configure traps and wait for the events to occur. The main reason is that we are not able to install an agent on the device.

All I can capture are traps and requesting anything just gets ignored.

Hope that is a little help.

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Re: Querying SNMP status of a NSS4000

I'm curious how Cisco, one of the biggest proponents of SNMP, created a device that does not completely implement SNMP.   This implementation of SNMP is only useful for logging applications, and is totally inadequate for monitoring applications that need to know the current status of SNMP values at all times.

Are there any plans to complete the currently incomplete SNMP implementation for the NSS4000?   If so, is there a schedule for it?

Community Member

Re: Querying SNMP status of a NSS4000

Thanks for the feedback.  Improving the SNMP features of the NSS4000 are being reviewed, but no schedule is available on when a possible improvement could be made at this time.

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