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Smart Storage requires hard drives before configuration

(From Davin Oishi)

Issue/Question: Unit powers up,  but can't login to web administration GUI

Resolution: The Cisco  Smart Storage products require at least one hard drive to be installed  in the system before configuration is allowed

Issue/Question: Why does the  Smart Storage require a hard drive to be installed when my previous  NSS3000 did not require a hard drive before configuration could be made

Resolution:  The architecture for both product families is different.  While  configuring a device without drives does provide the ability to  configure basic settings before deployment.  The actual usefulness is  still limited to when the device has drives.  Smart Storage takes  advantage of the drives by placing configuration and applications on the  hard drives.  If additional drives are installed after initial setup,  configuration information is striped across the additional drives as you  add them.  This allows for better utilization of Smart Storage memory,  improves system performance, and allows for higher scalability.

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