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Start the 4000 NSS without Not USB Memory

good afternoon, now I have the following problem with my NSS 4000. Held on the Firdware update 1.14 is not achieved automatically boot the 4000 NSS being alerted LED System in Red. The only possible way to gain access to the device through a USB .. I can do to fix this? How could start without USB NSS 4000

Re: Start the 4000 NSS without Not USB Memory

There was a problem on the NSS4000 and NSS6000 that a Product Bulletin was released on about a year ago.

It had a workaround procedure that required the use of a USB key to force the unity to boot from the USB, since the unit doesnt use any hard disk partition for any OS and when that condition occurred, the unit had that 'red light of death'  (call S-TAC for details).

You can try this:

Unplug it.  Push a paper clip in the reset hole and while holding that, plug it in. Keep holding it until the amber light flashes and I think even beyond that (about 20-30 secinds).  Then let it go.   That will factory rest it and 'may' recover the unit.   If not, I would RMA it (remove your disks first).

All new inventory no longer require the USB (ever).

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Re: Start the 4000 NSS without Not USB Memory

Good Afternoon Sir,

I had a nice gentleman that contacted the Cisco SBSC about this post.  He wanted me to pass a note to you without it being posted.

Can you please contact me thru Cisco mail so I can forward his note to you


David Dunlap


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