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1 to 1 nat not working!

Wow.  This post has been up for OVER 5 MONTHS.  Hello Cisco?  Anyone home?  KNOCK KNOCK?  I expected far better support for this, I have yet to even get this to work right. 

I've recently set up a domain of and am trying to route my five multiple IP's into various boxes.  Here's my DNS entry:


@ 10800 IN A
CISCO 10800 IN A
DNS 10800 IN A
SP 10800 IN A
WIMP 10800 IN A
www 10800 IN CNAME


WIMP is a Windows IIS MySQL PHP box, SP is Sharepoint, DNS will be my public-facing DNS (eventually), and CISCO is the "surfing" address.

One the 1to1 I have:



The access rules for WIMP are:

Always Allow     Any     Enabled     Outbound (LAN (Local Network) > WAN (Internet))     
Always Allow     Any     Enabled     Inbound (WAN (Internet) > LAN (Local Network))    

with the Inbound using Other WAN IP of .107, and the Outbound having the Source of .80 and the Destination of .107

Internally, using either the IP or FQDN, it resolves internally but only when I use Access Rules and Port Forwarding from to as any port.  From what I've read, you can use either 1to1 or AR and Port Forwarding, but don't have to use both...but if I disable the PF it brings up the Cisco login, even with the 1to1 enabled.  And none of it works externally from outside my network.

The firmware is, the newest version. I've spent almost a week trying to figure this out, which options are correct, but have yet to get it to work.  And my logs seem empty too, even though I've set them to record everything...HELP!

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Matt, What is the purpose of



What is the purpose of the ACLs?  You are permitting outbound traffic only to the public address that you own.  Try either disabling the rules or changing the outbound destination to ANY.

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I had a Cisco TAC guy remote

I had a Cisco TAC guy remote in and do that (removed the Outbound Rule), it actually worked for 24 hours.  Then while I was at work the rv180 locked up, rebooted it, and once again I'm getting "Connection Refused" even using the IP

The current ACL is Inbound, Always Allow, HTTP, Source ANY, DNAT, Use other WAN enabled, WAN IP and the rule is enabled. 

It's driving me nuts.

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