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2 xboxes or ps3's with open nat for the rv042? yes i can!

i signed up specifically to tell future and current rv042 users that after a year of muckin' around with this fairly advanced networking technology, i've finally discovered how to open the nat types of 2 xboxes, instead of one being open and all others being moderate or strict. i'll break it down simply, 3074 port forwarded for the one, and dmz host for the other one. i couldn't figure out for the life of me, why the dmz host wouldn't open the nat type of the 2nd xbox at first, thats when it dawned on me that xboxes aren't capable of understanding the rv042 dmz host. so i tested the dmz host on my computer and it worked, putting my computer wide open to all ports on the internet. so what i tried was internet connection sharing, plugging my xbox wired into my computer which is set as the dmz host. i was all excited, jumping up and down for joy when i had succeeded in what took me an entire year to figure out. why so happy, do you ask? i don't think all of you know just how painful it is to not be able to open the same port more than once on the same network, very, very, aggravating. if you are having the same problem and don't understand how to do what i've explained, just ask. i cannot stand the thought that there are others out there like me that haven't been able to figure this out, it just causes me more pain. i will help.

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