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Access Rules on RV082

I'm trying to setup an access rule that causes the RV082 (firmware 1.3.98) to accept SMTP traffic from a range of IP addresses hosted by our spam filtering service.  I setup the access rules easily enough, but I can still access our Exchange mail server from any address in the outside world.  I have noticed also that you have to have ports forwarded first - otherwise SMTP traffic will not forward.  In other words, ports must be forwarded first in the forwarded ports window, then access rules for the same ports must be created in the Access Rules window.  I would think you would only need port forwarding in one or the other, not both.  But that seems to be the way it works.

I did a factory reset on the RV082.  I did not delete the default rule that restricts all WAN to LAN traffic.  I am not using the DMZ or WAN 2 port.  It is not enabled.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Access Rules on RV082

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