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Assigning SMTP traffic to different WANS on RV016

Hi All,


I am replacing a router with an RV016 as the default gateway/VPN router and having some issues with traffic management.


The PPTP server works great (gutted it only has 10 available users) and I believe the IPSEC VPN will also work.


The issue I am having is splitting SMTP traffic over two WAN connections. We want SMTP for one server to go down WAN4 connection to an IP address of 172.16.(n2).x and different SMTP traffic for another section of the business to go through WAN5 to an IP of 172.16.(n1).x.


I have seen the multiple places to configure ports, access and binding on the RV016 but there is nothing explaining how to do this and where is best to set it.

Am I right in saying binding the SMTP traffic to a particular WAN will bind it to all go out of the one WAN or can I bind it so anything coming from one mail server will go out (and in) of one WAN whilst ding the same for the other sever? Will port forwarding or firewall access rules come into play? I have trawled the net and can;t find anything. I need this sorted so I can move onto load balancing and restricting VPN traffic to WAN3!


Kind Regards,


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You will need to protocol

You will need to protocol bind to do what you want.  You'll have to set up a service for each of the smtp traffic and then a destination or source address outside of your network that it binds to.

For example, if you want server one to only go to wan4, you bind all smtp traffic from the ip of server one to wan4.

I believe this is how this works on my rv016s.

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Hi Samir, Thanks for the

Hi Samir,


Thanks for the response.


If I were to bind smtp traffic from server1 to wan4 with as a destination ip address and smtp traffic for server 2 to wan5 with again as a destination address would this also work for traffic coming in? I think that would work for traffic going out but I need to make sure everything going in and out is split so it goes to the correct servers.


Apologies if i'm not being very clear.

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