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Associate Name to IP - RV220W

Is there anyway to associate a name to an IP in the RV220W?  I am coming from a WRVS4400N v2.  Folks are complaining that they can't connect, for example via Real VNC, via the PC name any longer.  They have to use the IP address.  In the past I put the names of the PCs in the WRVS4400N when I reserved IPs via MAC addresses (some call this assigning static IPs).  There isn't any place in the RV220W to put the name.  Even when I look at the DHCP list a lot of them show up as "unknown".  I am sure this is a NETBIOS thing but I'd rather fix this in the router as I have always done in the past.


Re: Associate Name to IP - RV220W

Hi Curtis,

Thank you for posting. Are you able to reach the devices that do show up in the DHCP list by name? There is a known issue with the DHCP leased clients table not showing all devices according to the Release Notes for

The DHCP Client Table does not show all clients. (CSCtq44404)

I'm not sure if this is related or not.


Associate Name to IP - RV220W


You can edit the LMhost file- People usually use LMhost files for vpn tunnels since many vpn's don't support net-bios traversal

hope this helps,


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Associate Name to IP - RV220W

That would definitely work.  I was hoping for a solution inside the router itself, but that may not be possible.

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Associate Name to IP - RV220W

It's weird, Real VNC can't resolve the name, but the OS can.  For example, I can ping the computer name or type //[computer name] in the run... window and it will bring up all the computer shares.

I can use the HOSTS/LMHOSTS file as jasbryan suggested but then I have to maintain that file on each server/workstation.

At this point it seems it would be an enhancement request to add the name-to-IP resolution functionality in this router as is in the WRVS4400N v2 router.  I thought I was just simply over looking the screen.

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