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Bandwidth Management RV082 upgraded bandwidth on ISP

I am working in a small office which has an RV082 on Road Runner Business Class with 10 users in the office.

We have recently upgraded from 3Mb x 512Kb service to 10Mb x 1.0Mb.

I adjusted the Maximum Bandwidth for the RV082s original settings, Upstream (Kbit/Sec) 512 and Downstream (Kbit/Sec) 512 to Up 1024 and Down 10240 but I am seeing only a slight increase in internet browsing but almost no increase when it comes to downloading files.  (I have tried downloading from Microsoft, Acronis, and Dell since the increase in bandwidth).

The browsing also slows down to a crawl during the day every couple of days and I reboot the cable modem and that improves things for a little while.

What is the best way to set the Bandwidth Management settings to take advantage of the upgrade in bandwidth?

Also are there any other settings that would help with the greater bandwidth?

thank you


Re: Bandwidth Management RV082 upgraded bandwidth on ISP

If you really want to improve your bandwidth on the rv082.  Under the firewall disable the SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection).  It inspects each packet coming into the router.  If you want to increase your bandwidth disable that feature.

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