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Bandwidth settings

Have a new Cisco RV320. We have Cox cable 25M/5M. When I set the bandwith management to 25,600 BPS down and 5,120 BPS up, I don't get the full speed per Is there any harm to making them both 1,000,000? I also have a rate control for RDP set. Does that get effectively ignored by exceeding the ISP's speed?


Hello,The Bandwidth


The Bandwidth management settings really only come into play if you have configured any kind of Quality of Service, which is usually only used for VoiP systems.  

Since the router doesn't know how fast your internet connection is it uses these numbers to allocate bandwidth and prioritize traffic.  If you set these numbers too low however it will think that is all that is available and limit everything to that.  

You can use it to rate control certain services, however these are mostly effective on the outbound, since the router cannot control what your ISP decides to send to you.

RDP will rarely take up the amount of bandwidth you have available, but every network is different, so test and monitor, but you are probably safe to just leave the bandwidth management settings at their defaults, since I'm not sure they are doing anything for you now.

The RV320 is easily capable of maxing out 25/5, so I would try disabling/defaulting bandwidth management and seeing if that improves the throughput.

Hope that helps,

Christopher Ebert - Advanced Network Support Engineer

Cisco Small Business Support Center

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