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Can RV042G support Multiple Subnets with differing class c subnet masks?

Our Cisco RV042G is intended to be the gateway device to our ISP.

It's LAN address & subnet mask:

   /   hop 1--> switch -> PC with 2nd NIC (hosting the 220.0/24 net) --> MORE stuff

Multiple Subnet has been enabled.

Subnet1:   /   hop 2

Subnet2: / hop 1--> Cisco SG300-10 Router (3 vlans) --> OTHER stuff

The PC does reach the SG300 Port 1 (ip: & directly connected to the RV042).

The PC does NOT reach a device on SG300 Port 2 (ip: ..250.242, same vlan as Port 1).

I'm trying to figure out why. A couple of hypotheses:

1) RV042g cannot handle multiple subnets that don't have the SAME subnet mask.  The AdminGuide gives examples with attached subnets using the same mask.  Mine are different.

2) my VLANs on the SG300 are not set up properly yet.

Can you please address the 1st hypothesis?

Thanks in advance

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Can RV042G support Multiple Subnets with differing class c subne

I just installed my RV042G today.

I am using as my primary subnet.

I am using as subnet 1.

I can access a Linux system on subnet 1 from a Windows PC on the primary subnet without any problem.

I don't think mismatched subnets are your problem.

I have ethernet port 1 and ethernet port 2 on vlan1 with each port connecting to the switch for the appropriate subnet.

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