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Cannot access to ERP application via VPN

Dear all,

I already  configure the RV016 router as twogateway  ISPs. With the  following configuration:
WAN1 using static ip from the  ISP that is
WAN2 also use static ip from  ISP (for this link is a broadband link)
DMZ  use the ip - mask 255 255 255 224

Gateway  to the DMZ through WAN1 while WAN2 ip only broadband that can not be  called from the Internet.

VPN also been configured  for the Gateway to Client, QuickVPN client and PPTP VPN client.

Configured  for LAN with a dhcp ip -  mask

The problem is in vpn. Once  users access the vpn to the router via ip on RV016, in a way  Gateway to VPN Client, QuickVPN, or PPTP. Vpn user can not  access the existing ERP applications on the LAN. ERP  applications can be accessed from the LAN is also connected to another  router. The router of ERP applications
has a configuration like this:

LAN using the ip
WAN using ip
ERP  applications using ip

From WAN into LAN  using NAT masquerade

Users who use the LAN can  access the ERP application. But why the vpn user can not  get to the ERP application that uses the router.

I've  tried to trace the route of using a PPTP vpn client to the ERP  application by adding route add command on my laptop. Trace  route successfully but failed to connect the ERP application. What  is missing from my config for vpn in.



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