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Cannot connect to shared resources over VPN - RV215W

I've got a RV215W VPN router.  We have properly configured it for PPTP, and added users and everyone is able to connect to the VPN remotely.   That's half the battle.


However, now that we're connected, we cannot see the internal resources.  We cannot browse the network devices, and even knowing the server's name and IP address, we cannot connect to a shared resource on the server.


We have tried both the UNC name, as well as ip address.  The server pings by IP with no problem, but will not explore the server nor even verify its existance.


So, what am I missing?  Shouldnt PPTP do this?  I have the Netbios turned on, on both the basic screen and the advanced screen.

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Really?  Not a single view in

Really?  Not a single view in 16 hours?  No product support, and no views in the forums?




That's odd.  I showed ZERO views until i posted this comment.  Now its at 24 views.

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Hello,In order to better


In order to better understand the problem we would need some further information regarding your topology, configuration file and IP addressing scheme, also the default gateway of the clients in your LAN. The best approach in your case will be to contact us via phone and open a support ticket with us so we can troubleshoot at best your current issue. What you'll need for opening a ticket is the serial number of the unit and a profile registration (the username of it).

Please find below our contact details.

Feel free to contact us during the local business hours of your country.

Thank you in advance for your time, collaboration and comprehension.

Best Regards,  

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