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cisco router RV110w IPv6 LAN configuration

                   I am trying to setup RV110w Wireless-N VPN Firewall. I have set the IP mode to LAN:IPv6, WAN:IPv4, and configured LAN for IPv6 network. But I am not able to connect to the router through IPv6 from my pc. If I configure the router for IPv4 it works fine. Is there any configuration setup in pc apart from setting IPv6 to automatic ?  I have configured the router as explained in the admin guide. Don't know exactly whether  I need to configure anything else on the router. Can anyone help me ?

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Re: cisco router RV110w IPv6 LAN configuration


You provide little infos.

The default IPv6 acces is by typing fec0::1 using brackets in the address bar :


The computer should automatically get an address and default gateway, starting with Windows Vista.

What is your Operating System ?

If your problem is not accessing the admin page, please clarify :

Are you using :

1. Global Unicast Addresses ( usually starts with 2001: ) or Unique Local Addresses ( usually starts with FD ) ?

2. You need to assign an adress to the LAN side of the RV110W. Did you do it ?

3. your PC needs to get an IPv6 address + IPv6 Default Gateway. You can do it either :

               . Statically

               . Dynamically using DHCPv6 or SLAAC

   try static first, and when everything is OK, you can setup the Dynamic part

4. To access the webadmin page, don't forget to use brackets : [    ]  in the address bar. ex:


5. if you ping the IPv6 RV110W Lan, what happens ?

6. Why did you choose Lan:IPv6 Wan:IPv4. You only want local connectivity without Internet access ( LAN only ) ?

Can you post a copy of an ' ipconfig /all ' result ? it would help. just put some XXXX after the 2001: 2 next parts for privacy. ex :

2001:db8:0:4::1    -))   2001:XXXX:XXXX:4::1 


You can setup the RV110W using Lan:IPv4+IPv6 / Wan: IPv4+IPv6. Then you do the admin job of the RV using IPv4.

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