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Cisco Routers with VLanID on WAN interface


We have a new optical fiber connection from a new ISP (only for Internet) and we found that our Cisco router RV220w won't work with this new connection because is not possible to add the VLanID 20 for the WAN traffic, as required by our ISP/connection. Now we would like to know what Cisco routers can support this feature and that can be "similar" to the RV220w or if there is another way to solve this problem and maintain our actual RV220w, because the features on this particular router (apart of the VLanID on Wan) are more than enough for us - Can someone help?

PS: We would like to have a “simple” router and with firewall and VPN features as RV220w, because the one that our provider says that works seems to be too much for us Cisco 2951-SEC K9 – We are a small company with a network of around 10 computers and we only need some VPN connections for our sales companies in Europe and workers when travelling (3-5 VPN connections are OK).

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Re: Cisco Routers with VLanID on WAN interface

SA520 with the MR5 firmware supports it.

Re: Cisco Routers with VLanID on WAN interface

Check also SRP520 family. We use SRP with VLAN and VPN without problems.


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Cisco Routers with VLanID on WAN interface

For fiber connections up to 20mb you could get a cisco 881-sec-k9

they are much cheaper then the cisco 2951.

if your internet speed is higher you could get a cisco 891 which can handle a 50mb line.

here is a page with cisco router performance stats:

Hope this helps you.



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