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Cisco RV042 Issue: VPN & Admin login stopped working

My organization has deployed 3 Cisco RV042 (v3) at our 3 sites. They have been working pretty well up until about a week ago. One of them continues to route traffic and perform port-forwarding, but the VPN has completely stopped working and I can no longer access the web administration interface. I get the standard login page, but any attempt to login (with correct or incorrect password) takes maybe 5 minutes with a spinning status icon, followed by a blank page leaving the browser at:


I have the router logs e-mailed to me, and I can see that the system boots up with Jan 1 2010 as the system date, but it eventually gets the correct date from NTP, so I'm doubting this is causing the problem.

These were working for months prior to this happening, and even a reboot of the affected RV042 does not allow me to log into it or setup the VPN tunnels. I have found similar threads on this forum:

I can't login to set UPnP, and the other has no helpful info. Thank you for taking the time to read this,

-Scott Bigelow


Cisco RV042 Issue: VPN & Admin login stopped working

Hi Scott

I hope you have availed yourself of the small business support center.

sounds like it needs a technician to work with you.  they can be contacted at;

regards Dave Hornstein

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Cisco RV042 Issue: VPN & Admin login stopped working

I ended up figuring this out myself and thought I would post my results here in case anyone else is experiencing the problem.

Something about the firmware version mismatch was causing the problems with the VPN, which ended up locking up the admin interface (hence, preventing the firmware upgrade to fix the problem!)

Router "A" was at firmware "v4.0.4.02-tm"

Router "B" was at firmware "v4.0.2.08-tm"

It was router "B" which was preventing admin login.

To solve this problem, login to router "A" and disable the VPN which connects to router "B", repeat for all incoming VPN connections to router "B", if you have other routers. Reboot router "B" (physically) and you should be able to login now. Upgrade the firmware to the latest (in my case, v4.1.1.01-sp), reboot, then re-enable the VPN connections.

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