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Community Member

Cisco RV042g denies access

Hello everybody

I have a serious Problem with a Cisco RV042g small Business router for which i configured a site-to-site IPSEC-Tunnel. Just after hitting the "Save" button and getting the message that my IPSEC configuration has been saved i get dropped out of the configuration Website and cannot Login anymore although i use the same credentials than i used a few minutes before to log into the router.

All i get is the message: Invalid username or Password. Please try again.

Any idea what to do? We already had that problem a few weeks ago with the same router and i blamed our employee not to write down the correct password after changing it from Default. But the fact that the same problem happened again makes me wonder if it might be a general issue with this kind of router.

Best regards

Thorsten Rosemann

Community Member

I wonder if you are using a

I wonder if you are using a console cable. If not, you may want to assign an ip address from the "interesting traffic range of ip" to the management computer if you're using Telnet and SSH and try to connect again...

Community Member

Actually i can't connect

Actually i can't connect either way. SSH and Telnet are disabled and web Login fails because of the Problem mentioned above.

Most interesting the router seems to work fine regarding Internet Connection, site-to-site ipsec tunnel or port-forwarding, just web Login fails...

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