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Cisco RV082 Router Setup Problems

We have a Static IP provided by our ISP. When we set the router to Static IP and enter the Static IP address and correct gateway and DNS the router gives us access to the internet for about 5 minutes and then looses it. It will only stay connected if used in DHCP mode. What are we doing wrong or what do we need to check. Our old Lysis router works fine when set on static so I am 100% sure our ISP modem is fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Cisco RV082 Router Setup Problems


I cannot vouch for a fact your RV is not faulty; but my 2 x RV042's, essentially the same hardware, just extra ports, (connected to 2 x VDSL 10Mb ISP links) display a similar behaviour. The ISP (Transact, here in the ACT) support staff state categorically that "if you have assigned static IP's, it is still highly recommended that you set your router to DHCP."

I am no CCIE, so the intricacies of that order of networking are still a little above me (Large ISP's et al) - so it may only be an ISP centric issue, but I have had to run like that sincing replacing my old Netgear VPN routers with RV042s 2 + years ago...


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