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Cisco RV082

Hi guys,

I needed some help in calculating how many concurrent users and connections my website can handle before it is finally launched and I invest money in bandwidth and hardware..

Homepage size: Around 20-25 KB

Website will have user registration kind of thing, adding comments, viewing articles and so on.. so a lot of read and writes to the MYSQL database
WAN connections – Dual WAN (2Mbps each) so totals 4Mbps

I am expecting roughly around 70,000 to 80,000 hits every day initially.

Will this router be able to handle this kind of setup?

Will this kind of internet connection be able to handle this traffic?

And will Cisco RV082 be able to do link aggregation with the dual wan links?


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Re: Cisco RV082

The RV082 is not capable of performing link aggregation on its WAN ports.  Only load balancing or fail over are the options.  As for the traffic on the ports, the router is capable of handling the 2 Mpbs connections, the limitation would be the bandwidth of the links themselves and the traffic bursts and how your ISP handles those limits.  You would need to contact your ISP with your figures and see if the connections are sufficient.

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Re: Cisco RV082


Thanks for your reply.

Looking at this manual -

If one chooses Load Balance (Auto Mode) and enters

WAN1 Max bandwidth - upstream 4 Mbps Downstream 20Mbps

WAN2 Max bandwidth - upstream 4 Mbps Downstream 20Mbps

I select service as HTTP

What exactly would be end result as in speed?


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