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Cisco RV120W firewall don't work

                   We have a lot of cisco rv120w devices in our small branch offices. 1 week ago we have found that on 6 routers build in firewall don't work. It absolutely don't filters traffic. I have tryed many tricks to get it working, but without success. Firewall is enabled but no one rule works, even default policy BLOCK ALL don't works. I have tryed to reset to factory defaults with configuration file restore, update firmware and configure router manual, but no luck. I have enabled logging to see if firewall is starting - yep it started but not filtered traffic. It works like the default tule is ACCEPT ALL, or even firewall is disabled. No one rule, no one switch have no influence on traffic.

Any ideas?



Cisco RV120W firewall don't work

Hi Vladimir, what are you specifically trying to block?

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Community Member

Cisco RV120W firewall don't work

Hi Tom. We are using this routers only to get IPsec VPN between HQ and branches. All users must connect only to servers in HQ. Another access to the Internet must be blocked. Seldom, we are oppening access to our servers in Germany. So i configure only 2 rules:

1. Allow outbond traffic from branch local network to HQ network inside IPsec.

2. Deny any other outbond.

Main idea is "block access to the Internet, allow traffic only between branch and HQ".

We have 22 Cisco RV120W devices and most all works normal, but 6 of them have this bug.


Community Member

Re: Cisco RV120W firewall don't work

BTW we have a lot of trouble with this routers:

1. very slow web-interface performance

2. regulary hangs

3. sometimes configuration is broken and we must reset router to factory default and reconfigure it manualy

Our branches are small offices with 3-4 users, and now opening new branches we are using asus routers with tomato shibby firmware - they are much cheaper and much stable than this cisco device. I'm very disapointed with this cisco routers (as i know this is actually linksys with linux inside) - too slow, too buggy, too unstable.

P.S. maybe someone knows is there any way to access to rv120w with ssh to watch how iptables inside router works?


Re: Cisco RV120W firewall don't work

I think you answered your own question on the 6 that don't work since 22 do.  Seems like either something is different about the 6 locations, or those units are bad.

I'd try swapping a known working one from the 22, and then test it in each of the 6 'bad' locations and see what happens.  If the known working one fixes the issue, then it's just a failing unit at that location.  If it doesn't fix the problem, then it may be better to use the Asus solution in these locations.

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