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Cisco RV130W with Firmware - Port Forwarding and Port Range Forwarding and Port Triggering ALL FAIL

This is the third time i have worked with Cisco Small Business routers and the device fails to properly Port Forward.

Cisco RV130W will not Port Forward, Port Range Forward or Port Trigger at all.  latest Firmware in place,

CISCO: Fix or I replace all your equipment with Sophos UTMs from now on!!! God knows they don't fail in the small things.

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So i have been on with

So i have been on with Technical Support on Chat and Phone.  They tell me this is a "known bug".  I work for a reseller where this unit was installed at a clients location.  They  require these port forwards to work for their restaurant applications.  So, for a known bug in a CISCO device, they tell me i must carry out a wireshark for 3-5 minutes on-site, send them configuration of my firewall, send them make and model of my ISP modem.  My problem is this, id gladly do all this if i didnt have to send one of my engineers across town now to troubleshoot this issue.  Cisco says they wont reimburse for troubleshooting a bug in their equipment, which i think is a fair request, basic reimbursement. In any event, i sent router configuration, modem information and logs from the router itself.  I cant get the wireshark done since even doing it remotely would cause a computer to go offline for the mirrored port.  To ensure it wasnt just a faulty device or the ISP Comcast.  We opened up another RV130W and actually an RV110W in our office lab and connected it up knowing it works already on our current firewall(a Sophos UTM).  The EXACT SAME ISSUE WITH PORT FORWARDING occurred again.  I will keep posting as we go through the motions here, but highly disappointed after being a Cisco fan for many years, the Small Business sector of Cisco is becoming a mess.

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Hi Matthew,

Hi Matthew, Sorry to hear you're going through this with the RV Routers. i do hope that once you've provided the logs and the captures we will be able to resolve this issue expediently.
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I have created several posts

I have created several posts about the RV130 where it is crashing every week, and the web management afterwards become unresponsive when trying to remote access into the device. There has been no response from the community nor Cisco!

This works fine for a week and boom nothing works and the router needs to be rebooted. We have experienced this on 3 RV130 and one RV130W.

With the newest firmware

When do you start to take things seriously? These devices are not that cheap that those things should not work!!

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Poorly executed hardware. 

Poorly executed hardware.  Currently we have a new in-house rule of never deploying Cisco Small business routing or security products.  We actually use Sophos UTM Firewalls, they allow you to use their UTM for free in a virtual environment or on your own hardware with basic router, firewall and vpn features. So far it works great, and when the client is ready for bigger and better we just license it with TotalProtect or get a sized appliance for the customer.  mw000000111 in my opinion, Cisco has lost sight of its small business clients and ignores us in favor of enterprise businesses, who I also deal with.  They don't recognize that by treating us right in the small things, they will gain the big things.  However, they have missed this mark and I cant waste the time anymore.

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Any resolution to this issue?

Any resolution to this issue? I've got the same problem. I thought I was having a problem with security cameras on the network, but then realized that it's the port forwarding on the router that isn't working.

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Run away from these units. Use Sophos or ANY other router.  Cisco 800 series or 1900 series routers are a good cisco alternative, but more than you would normally want to spend if you are on a budget.

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